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  Officers & tasks  











In charge of the guild. Requires alot of commitment and dedication. A Guildmaster holds all threads in the guild, making it solid and stable. Noone is forced to be a Guildmaster and anyone may be releaved of the duties whenever he or she wants.


In charge of managing the homepage, maintenance e.t.c. Whenever a member feels like giving some feedback or constructive criticism, the Webbmaster is the guy to contact.


Takes care of the common funds that the guild collects. Examples of this is money and items. The Cashier decides who shall store what item and functions as the money bank for the guild.

Introduction Officer

The Introduction Officer has the simple task to introduce newbie members to the general features of the game and giving them a short tour to certain "hot spots".

Recruitment Officer

This Officer is in charge of keeping a fresh flow of new players coming to the guild. Even though he is not the only one with the power to invite, he has the over all responsability to recruit new members whenever he finds some that fit. The Recruitment Officer and the Guildmaster shall always be consulted before anyone is recruited (if either of them is online that is).

Promotion Officer

The Promotion Officer has the sole task of promoting fellow members to the rank that the guild decides. It is his job to see to it that it's done though he shares this responsability with the Guildmaster. There can be more than one Promotion Officer in the guild.